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Minakami Village

Itsuki Tachibana

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Itsuki Tachibana:
A resident of Minakami village, Itsuki is a remaining. He performed the Crimson Sacrifice with his twin, Mutsuki and killed him. This was done in order to protect the Tachibana twins' friends, Yae and Sae, but the ritual failed. Now Itsuki is trapped in the repeating night of the village's destruction, and may be the only living person there.

"Life hurries on, a frantic refugee
And death with great forced marches follows fast;
And all the present leagues
With all the past
And all the future to make war on me
Anticipation joins to memory
To search my soul with daggers;
And at last,
Did not damnation set me so aghast
I’d put an end to thinking
And be free.

The few glad moments that my heart has known return to me;
Then I foresee in dread
The winds up gathering against my ways,
Storm in the harbor, and the pilot prone
The mast and rigging down; and dark and dead
The lovely lights whereon I used to gaze"